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Are You Stuck With Acne and Sensitive Skin?

Are you stuck with acne and also have sensitive skin?  My son is a teenager and is highly allergic to benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.  We have been doing quite a bit of research on skin care products since he was about 13 and his acne started up.  We tried one of the top advertised brands and their three step process (their commercials are online everyday still) and my son broke out in bright red hives all over his face and neck.  Since he has asthma, I was very concerned and we ended up rushing him over to the doctor to try and stop the reaction.  Three weeks later his skin returned to its “normal” state (with some acne) and he was able to stop taking his medications.

Why subject your child to this?  Most over the counter acne treatments have too many ingredients to count, much less pronounce or even understand exactly what you are putting on your child’s skin.  I must admit, my son was completely turned off from any skin care regimen for a few months after his “over-the-top” reaction to the three step acne product.  But as a mother who does not give up, I kept searching and searching for a more natural approach to treat his acne.

And eventually I found it.  Arbonne carries a new product (just released in May 2013) called CALM.   We are currently using the Calm Gentle Daily Cleanser (Item # 8700) and Calm Gentle Daily Moisturizer (Item # 8701).  The product are all natural and free of any sulfate and benzoyl peroxide.  We both are trilled with the progress so far (‘Before” and “After” pictures to follow) and it has only been a week.

If you are interested in ordering this product, please go to my site and type in the item numbers 8700 and 8701.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (845) 538-3623.


Are Toxins Making You Look Older?

With all the environmental toxins out there today, do you look older than you actually are?  Did you know that what you are putting on your skin could actually be making it worse?

Most cosmetics contains ingredients I cannot even pronounce, plus mineral oil, parabens, and sulfates.  It is time to take control of our skin and use products that are actually good for us.

If you are interested in learning more about Arbonne’s 100% natural skin care lines, such as the Re9 anti-aging products or the infant care line, please call me at (845) 538-3623 or send me an email at

Kate Case’s Arbonne Business and Product Launch Party

Please join me on Thursday, May 30th at 6:30 PM at the Planet Pizza Meeting Room (located in the center of Monroe, NY by the two lakes) to help me celebrate the launch of my new business – Arbonne –  and to try all the great 100% natural Arbonne Beauty Products.

Most products are even gluten free.

It will be a great night and I can’t wait to see you all there.

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Why I Love Arbonne Beauty Products

With so many skin care and beauty products on the market today, most women find it difficult to sift through all the manufacturer’s claims to look younger, have your wrinkles disappear overnight, liver spots gone is days, and lose 10 pounds in a weekend. As a woman who has hit 40 years-old, I wish all these claims were true because I would look 25, be a size smaller, and be able to achieve this in a weekend.

After spending hundred of dollars (probably thousands) on many different types of skin care, I still had not achieved any of the desired results that were promised plus I had no idea what type of chemicals I was putting into my body. When I turned over my favorite body lotion to look at what it contained, there was over 40 ingredients and most were unpronounceable. Since I was already very careful about all the food I put into my body, I began to think shouldn’t I also be concerned about what I am putting on my body, especially my skin?

What initially attracted me to trying Arbonne skin care products was the fact that all Arbonne products are completely free of:
» Petroleum
» Artificial dyes
» Frangrances
» Phthalates
» Propylene Glycol
» Sodium Laurel Sulfate
» Hormone Altering Ingredients
» Animal Derived Ingredients
» Parabens – all skin care products currently
» FSC Certified

But after using the Arbonne Revelage Anti-aging products, I love how much better my skin looks plus the fact that the products I am using on my skin are safe and natural.